Nondual Biodynamics

Nondual Biodynamics is a way of perceiving the dynamics in apparent inseparate biological systems that inter(re)act, connect, express and evolve through the internal and external forces and natural occuring processes.

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Life itself

Seeing the human system and Life itself as an unfolding of these ever changing processes, with the individual body and psyche not as a final product but as a continuous field that is fluidly adapting as an expression between interdependent fields and forces in motion.


Learn & Experience

Learn and Experience, there is always the unknown - where out of the usual we can change our perceptions. You can receive a session, learn through meetings (Satsang) and attend our courses, guided meditations or workshop.

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Nondual Biodynamics

This concept relates to optimize, strengthen and facilitate health as the optimised potential and resources to deal with (unexpected) circumstances in a profound way, based on seeing through delusions and identifications such as apparent separation (Enlightenment).

This concept relates to healing by facilitating to optimise the interdependent (somato-emotional) functions, reducing contractions and restrictions to allow a more resourced and free expression, based on seeing through the (underlying) causes of held convictions, perceptions, relations, etc through understanding the inherent intelligence of the human system and Life itself (Empowerment).


Understanding your

true Nature


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